Colleagues about their onboarding experiences

New colleagues about Yellowtail

Yellowtail is growing! Last year we welcomed a good number of new colleagues. Sjoerd (business consultant)  and Eva (business consultant) onboarded in early 2021. The time has come to get to know two of our ‘new’ recruits a little bit better.

At Yellowtail I feel like a fish in water because….
Sjoerd: “I personally really enjoy learning more about IT and understanding how certain analyses are made. I think the diversity between IT and consultancy projects is very interesting. In addition, thanks to the informal working atmosphere at Yellowtail there is always someone to help me when I encounter a problem. This creates a pleasant connection between colleagues and an educational period.”

Eva: “I totally agree. With my Master’s degree in Communication Studies, I do not have the most common background you would expect at an IT club. After all, I knew nothing about IT and yet I have been working on technical analyses for more than six months now. Incidentally, my communication skills certainly come in handy during the various client sessions. Like Sjoerd, I have completely found my niche within Yellowtail.”

Onboarding in times of corona was …
Sjoerd: “In all honesty I found it quite a hectic year because we were almost exclusively interacting online with each other. Hardly seeing your colleagues makes the work you do even more important, because it’s pretty much the only thing that connects you to the company you work for. Luckily for me, I really enjoy this job and I have been here for almost a year now!”

Eva: “Honestly? It took me a while to digest all the new information online. There is a lot to process during such an onboarding period. Normally, you can ask someone all sorts of questions, but that turned out to be a bit tricky sometimes during corona and via Teams. There is so much to learn here, so you definitely do not get bored when onboarding. Now that more and more is allowed again, I have noticed what a nice club we have together. Achievements are celebrated and colleagues are there for each other both online and offline.”

Your first impression of Yellowtail
Eva: “I can easily sum that up in three words: Driven, young and fun.”

Sjoerd: “My first impression of Yellowtail was a bit biased because I knew someone who was already working there. During the application procedure, I soon noticed that Yellowtail is indeed a nice and diverse company with an informal atmosphere, from developers to designers and consultants. With the right attitude and drive, there is a place for every profile at Yellowtail.”

Can you tell us something about the projects you have worked on so far?
Eva: “During the first few months, I mainly worked for clients in the mortgage market. From there, I moved to the pension domain. We are currently building a new pension portal for a large pension fund. I am discussing the functionalities of the portal with the client and am liaising with the designers. I then take responsibility for translating this into ‘stories’ for our developers.”

Sjoerd: “After 6 months I’ve got a pretty good picture of what Yellowtail does and offers in the market. Like Eva, I am more actively involved in the functional and technical components of a project. In a month we will go live with a new portal for a client where I will be mainly engaged in the further development and maintenance of this portal. I’m really looking forward to working with the client and our developers.”

Is there anything else you would you like to say about Yellowtail that other job seekers should know?
Sjoerd: “Yellowtail is a company where you work as a team yet are given your own responsibilities. You often hear/read in these kinds of blogs the phrase “I was immediately given major responsibilities”, while there was no support or attention for the employee. At Yellowtail I have noticed that you can definitely accept these responsibilities and that support is offered where needed.”

Eva: “Just do it. You have loads of opportunities, you can follow training courses and colleagues support you where necessary. So you are given the space to discover what you really enjoy doing. That’s really nice when you’re just embarking on your career.

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