New colleagues make a big impression with their pitch about financial fairness

New colleagues make a big impression with their pitch about financial fairness

Last Tuesday, 9 November, just before yet another lockdown – albeit a mild version – we welcomed our clients and relations to our annual Yellowtail relations event at the Krachtcentrale in Huizen.

It was an inspiring afternoon where ‘Healthy Connected’ was the common theme of the programme. The focus this year was on the impact that our clients from, for instance, the financial world can make by keeping their customers (consumers) connected in the different phases of their lives. After all, we believe that Yellowtail’s clients and the sectors in which they operate can really make a difference with solutions that matter.

Two of our colleagues, work student Yvor van den Beuken and recently started colleague Haris Kodžaga were given the opportunity to present a pitch on behalf of Yellowtail Beyond. It was a narrative that gave everyone in the room goosebumps. One that related to the serious concerns these colleagues have about their financial future. About student debts that are a burden to their generation and buying a house that seems unattainable.

Which is crazy, they say, because at school, and in the workplace later on, your behaviour and your achievements are supposed to determine your possibilities. Yet, when it comes to financial matters, they feel that they’re nothing more than a benchmark, a number in a box with outdated rules. That’s why these gentlemen have advocated looking at Net financial behaviour.

Perhaps then new doors will open. Yvor and Haris are currently developing Yellowtail BEYOND. And that’s what makes working at Yellowtail so incredibly amazing. That you can help to make your own dreams come true. If you wish to learn more about a career at Yellowtail, Haris and Yvor are only too happy to fill you in.

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